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Think you may have Hail Damage?

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What does your homeowner’s insurance cover?

Most insurance plans, depending on their conditions, will cover the cost of a full replacement for roofs damaged by hail and wind storms.

Hail Damage and Its Impacts

Fact: Hailstorms typically do not last for more than 15 minutes but can still cause catastrophic damage to your roof and home that may or may not be visible.

Damage to your roof may not seem obvious. However, it does not mean the storm did not cause damage to your roof. Signs of possible hail damage.

Shingles Structure and Purpose

The average person does not understand what a roof shingle is, and the purpose of a granule on that shingle. Granules protect asphalt from sunlight and ultraviolet (UV) lightas well as enhance the beauty of your home. The asphalt will deteriorate very quickly once exposed to the sun, and the accelerated granule loss will significantly reduce the life of the shingle, which can and will lead to problems down the road.


Possible consequences form not filing a claim